Monday selection #6: Kraft – the End


The end of Kraft (Gregory Dziedzic)

“This is the end…” the song goes.

Kraft as we once knew it has closed down for good, it’s outdoor sign taken down and replaced by a new one. Combined together, the harassment of Municipality (the smoking ban first, which was ok, then the ban on outside tables, which was plain daft) and carelessness from the ownership have sealed the fate of one of the best dives in , where men, women and cats alike once used to sit their lazy arses, some of them quenching their thirst for beer, some others for company of the opposite gender (or not) while the most furred ones would benefit from the free cat-food generously distributed by a loony loner who still haunts the street, like the rest of us, in search of the spirit of Rock’n Roll, decent beer and mind-numbing drunk talk.

Oh well…

6 Responses to “Monday selection #6: Kraft – the End”

  1. Claire Young says:

    oh no! That makes me sad…not sure why as I never went there but there you go…an end of an era…

  2. Indeed… I think it had been here for like 10 years or so. Not so bad when you consider the usual short lifespan of… well pretty much anything in Istanbul…

  3. More than 10 years. That bar was as old as Craig.

  4. You mean it’s like 40 years old or so? Didn’t it use to go by another name at the time? I think I heard somewhere that there was another owner before Ümit but… dating back to 40 years ago really?