Monday selection #5: Magic Beer

Potion magique (Gregory Dziedzic)

Shot during my last staying in France. I was in my godmother’s home. After a day spent in their swimming pool and a copious evening meal, my cousin, her friend and I we were sitting on the terrace and decided to mix with syrup. The syrup happened to contain artificial sweetener which, we found out later, caused some weird kind of polymerization in the ’s foamy head. A beautiful pint it was anyway. I took out my OM-D with 1.8 lens. My cousin’s friend, who was sitting opposite to me, directed a flashlight toward the beer…

4 Responses to “Monday selection #5: Magic Beer”

  1. It’s all very well giving all the photographic details, but what kind of beer was it?!

  2. Gregory Dziedzic says:

    Can’t remember Nigel, although I’d suspect it’s probably one of these “bières de base” as we call them in France (cheap but proper beer). Maybe a 1664?

  3. Mathilde Clerc says:

    Superbe photo! Bravo l’artiste! (1664+sirop de grenadine “light” si mes souvenirs sont bons!) On t’embrasse!

  4. Gregory Dziedzic says:

    Merci Mathilde :) Oui cela correspond a mes souvenirs également. Et l’édulcorant, c’était de la stevia. Google ne semble pas donner de résultats probants autour des mots clés “stevia” “beer” et “polymerize”. Nous avons fait une découverte scientifique majeure! :)

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