Monday selection #4: suburban purgatory

Suburban Purgatory (Gregory Dziedzic)

View on the motorway from the Cevizlibag footbridge, in .

9 Responses to “Monday selection #4: suburban purgatory”

  1. i’d say you’re getting (better at) it. source of inspiration?

  2. Gregory Dziedzic says:

    Thank you very much Angelica. I took this picture last Friday after work. As I was walking down to the tramway station, I began feeling like taking pictures. Then I saw the sun, low on the horizon, like made of gold. Took some shots combining the silhouted skyline, the sun framed by a hole in a corrugated fence. Then reached the station. At this point I realized that my Istanbul card was empty, that I didn’t have any cash on me to get into one of the collective taxis going to Taksim and that I would have to cross all the way over the busy motorway in order to get to the closest cash point. Cursing myself, I took the footbridge, which is itself as well a kind of pedestrian highway thanks to the outpour of people going to and from the Metrobus station. And there, on this footbridge, in the midst of this insane flux of people trying to get home after a week of work, in the outskirts of the Megapolis, I took a break and liked what I saw: the traffic, the fiery sky, the skyscrapper. Took a series of pictures with different settings, wished I had a ND filter (I think I’ll soon start using these) and finally came up with this one :)
    Glad you liked it!

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